The Equipped Weapon Addon

This was an old not working version

New version (rewritten from scratch) can be found here ->



  • support for the unreal tournament weapons
  • now infinite ammo works on almost 95% of all guns out there



  • Added 5 units to the Rapidfire Speed

nobody likes this
stop bumping updates, put it in the op

Why is it dumbed? Looks nice.

This addon is fairly simple and not very serious, but don’t let the dumbs discourage you. A lot of people in this section will rate something dumb simply because they feel it isn’t large or serious enough (not to clal out any particular person, it’s just something I see a lot, especially with DarkRP addons, regardless of the addon’s function). This looks like it could be fun to toy around with, at least for a few minutes :v:

That being said, it’s not worth it to bump the thread with every update, Just bump it if you change something major.

I like the idea. I like this kinda small addon that’s good for small, local servers. Useful for whenever I wanna play with my brother or friends instead of having to do everything separately.

@[LOA] SonofBrim: thanks for the advice, appreciate it !
ps: Idc about dumb ratings because i focus on the positive side of life :stuck_out_tongue:

@t h e: that’s exactly why i made it :wink:

this addon is… hack??

@kjh0105: partially yes :stuck_out_tongue: