The era of extermination

Ok, first of all, I paid around 48 bucks for Rust in the dutch auction, which at the time seemed too high to me considering it being in alpha, but I was wrong. Me and buddy have already killed so much time in the universe of Rust, and we’ve also been killed so many times. At first, I was totally fine with it. “Its an apocalypse, people are desperate!” Then I realized a trend. As much as I love this game, its more of a constant deathmatch at the moment where newer players have an extremely hard time getting any sort of base up. I don’t know if this has been talked about in past posts (I looked briefly on the front page, didn’t really see much), but It seems that a world that offers so much creativity, so many chances to make some friends, fight some zombies together, and kill the occasional group of bandits should follow somewhat of that path. Instead, I get veterans with thousands of satchels that come knocking at my doorstep blowing holes in my houses, and taking all my shit. Constantly. I don’t mind pvp, and hardcore banditing. I’ve played so many hours of dayz, and that shit was common. But it wasn’t the game.
Now, obviously, I’m not blaming the devs, nor am I saying the game is a failure, I’m just pointing out whats on everyone’s mind. I’m sure once the map in increased to its full size, things will change, but I still feel like this is a problem that’s gonna be recurring. I don’t know, maybe this game’s not for me if that’s the case, but I want it to be. I wanna stumble across some dudes killing shit and have them hold me up and rob me of stuff. Actually make an attempt to avoid the mindless killing that plagues the entire server.

Possible fixes: Zombies spread throughout the land? seeing as the Rust zombies are so goddamn strong and fun to fight, this could cut down on the bloodthirsty action.
That’s all I got. I am sort of new to the game, but I’ve played long enough to see this trend. Like I said, not bashing anyone, except the many assholes who kill naked men in cold blood, I’m just concerned. Thanks for listening to me spouting shit into the screen. Feel free to comment all over this post about how much of a noob I am, cause I probably deserve it.

Zombies aren’t that strong.

But survival games almost always funner in groups.

I’d suggest finding a group to play with because the solo survivor won’t be able to survive

Thats the thing. I have my friend, but anyone else we come in contact with just wants to kill us, naked or not. There really is no place to hide, it just a matter of “when are those dudes with the bag full of explosives gonna come around and take our shit?”

The idea of avoiding those people is hiding in plain sight. They’re attracted to the big buildings, the ones which probably holds all that precious loot. If you build small, or even just a shack, they usually skip going there as they have a bigger goal set. I hid around 2k planks and 1k metal and some other goodies in one until it decayed.

Yeh agree with what your saying. atm the overcrowded servers are just full of spawn camping axe wielding psychos

and yeh i recon more zombies might fix this too but allot of other things

firstly i recon the “whole” map shouldn’t be pvp enabled the low lvl loot-able buildings shouldn’t be either but all the large radiation filled loot zones should be along with other areas say a quarry “loads of rocks” or a Forrest “loads of wood piles”

but we need to remember its still Alpha and there’s along road to go down still

Making PvP-less zones would make people build there and they would have a huge advantage. Also, like on the noPVP server, they wouldn’t be able to fight back if somebody was griefing their home or blowing up their things.

true. maybe instead making a few designated spawn towns/spots that are non pvp nor can u build in them

maybe a 2 hour spawn protection where in that time set u cant attack/be attacked or destroy buildings/have your own buildings destroyed

either way the fact remains they need to fix the constant bambi killing it makes the game unplayable when u spawn and die over and over

The map is not currently fully used. Items and loot spawn in around a 2x2km radius, while the whole map is 16x16. When the whole map would be used, the bambi killing would be cut down an absurd amount.

i guess time will tell what happens the updates seem to be quite often

One thing I know that would cut down on frustration is making it so YOUR PLACED STRUCTURES cannot be modified. Example, some jackass cant place stairs in your roofless house, or place their own iron door after blowing yours up. Just that addition would make the game 10k less stressful.

Fully agreed, most of the problems or unecessary killings are due to the fact that resources are concentrated on one spot.

yeh this needs to be implemented asap …and some sort of way of gaining locked chests or vaults or somthing

I believe the devs said something along the lines of adding locks to the game eventually. As far as the spawn killing. This will eventually dissipate as the map is expanded , more resource areas are added, and maybe a few more random spawn points. Having a safe haven towns, free from pvp to me is out of place in Rust.

I just know that devs are planning to implement something like keys or codes for doors. Don’t know what exactly but some mechanics to let friends open your door. Maybe they are going to make some similar mechanics for chests?

If you wanted to let people open your doors in real life, what would you give them?

In real life if I had naked people running in my house trying to murder me, I would booby trap the door with a grenade.

what about making a no pvp server, with explosives, such as grenades disabled?

There already is a no pvp server…

I totally agree with the OP. Are there any informations about a coming wipe?