The "Escape the room maps" Thread.

Create a map based off of those “Escape the room” games.




  1. Must be smaller than 512 x 512 hammer units.


  1. must be realistic.
  2. must be complicated and have more than 5 puzzles.(like finding a battery, finding a gun, finding a vent behind a crate that has something needed in it.)
  3. Most importantly,

Have Fun!

Sounds like a good idea

And what are you going to do?

My fav. example:

under 512? What is this a competition?

What if there are small elements (i.e. something in a long vent) that would require going over 512X512, but the main puzzle room is within the limit? Would that be OK?

Sounds fun, I’m in!

well it’s not a contest, I think.

but it would be interesting to link them all together in a huge map.

might try it.

Why put rules on a concept? It seems kinda ridiculous. Although the idea is good, I’ve seen some maps sorta like it before.

This seems more like a competition, rather than a concept thread. Maybe you edit your original post, to make it either more of a concept thread or more of a competition?

Actually, as I’m sketching out a level, I’m thinking that making this larger than 512x512x512 will be really awesome, so I’m going to make a fairly large level, all puzzle based.


and the objective being to leave a building

I was actually going to make an “escape the room” style level for the winter contest :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds great, but i don’t have that much time, maybe later i’ll =d

Edited the OP. i just have a slow computer. So i don’t want to play a map that is too big. but yea, you can make it larger. and if you guys want, we can make it a contest.

If its a contest, I’m participating. Will there be prizes?

what if i give you

(User was banned for this post ("Image Macro" - Terrenteller))

If your PC can’t handle above 512x512x512 check your calendar, it’s probably 1999 again.

I’m interested in this.
I can’t map for shit though.

But I’d really enjoy playing maps like this.

ITT: OP doesn’t realise how small 512X512X512 is.

I think a combine APC is about 100 units long.


(I say this because he says his PC is shit.)

Can we use EP2?