The Evac2 Project

The EVAC2 project is an effort to to bring >serious< roleplay and enjoyment to everyone on Garrysmod.

After several months of being inactive, a small group of veterans have decided to bring it back.

This is a serious Half-Life role play community. We accept beginners and strive to teach them how to role play properly. We hope to see you here in the coming weeks.

Our site:

You may visit our site to learn more about the project.

Upon “Registration”, you will be e-mailed the details to our forums.

We’re based on the canon of Half Life Two. The year is 2015. You play the role of a citizen, newly transfered into City Thirteen; the unlucky city. It’s located in Moscow, Russia. It’s snowing most of the time.

We’ll be having two servers. One is the city, whilst the other is located in the outskirts of the city-- a snowy forest with abandoned buildings. The city is where the citizens and units dwell, while the outlands have refugees and resistance members of all kinds, hiding from the Combine forces on Earth.


During the seven hour war, the Combine enslave humanoids, and they turn them into Overwatch, which adds more to their army of Combine. Wallace Breen forms peace between the Combine Empire and Earth, and Earth becomes ‘captured’ by the Combine Empire. Main cities are formed all around Earth, which holds humans captive for labor, work and what-not.


Wallace Breen becomes Earth’s representative.


The Resistance plays a larger part on Earth, and they begin withdrawing people from the cities in secrecy, forming a large army. The Resistance scatter outside of the cities, which is called the Outlands. A variety of Xen creatures inhabit the Outlands. The main creatures being headcrabs and antlions.


A group of highly-trained resistance members form on the surface of Russia. They call themselves the Omega United. They managed to escape city 13.


The Omega United grow in numbers. Combine forces become aware, and they begin to send Overwatch to the Outlands in searches and raids. Cities become going into lockdown.



Yeah, this is legit. I’m the forum manager, and I support this message.

Hrm, Do you happen to require any additional Administrators?

If they do, and they are a good stable community, they won’t accept someone asking on facepunch that’s never played in their servers.

I like the logo,

Judging by the forums, they have just started, Lau. :v:

Looks pretty nice, I’ll come by sometime.