The Evil Doctor Dustbowl



Was expecting the Medic but you made the Engineer work just as well.

Thats awesome! Really good use of the Gunslinger, and I love the lighting!

What Scuba said

Was expecting some mad scientist model. But still I liked the picture.

Engineer requires evil mustache and tophat.
You could have used the stovepipe with the whiskered gentlemen.
But those are small details.
Picture looks great overall.

Scouts Moms eyes are looking nowhere. She should be more scared.

I dig the sun light effect though.

Dang it bobby, I was hoping no one would point that out. Totally forgot about her eyes :v:

The glow from the sun is great. Im digging the posing too. Overall, pretty sweet dude!

Avatar fits then.

That sunglow is gorgeous.

Always liked your lighting.

“All your dustbowl are belong to us!” :v:

Nice editing and what-not. Even though, as mech126 said, I was expecting the Medic, but the Engi fitted even better.

awesome man

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Really nice, indeed. But… Dr. Dustbowl? on Dustbowl? Really? :v:

Yup c:

Looks lovely.

Beautiful. Shame about the eyes, though. :v:

Great job, the Gunslinger looks great here!