The evil godlike Medic (comic book cover)

First picture I ever make on Gmod which I just started using today. XP I know it’s not that good, so.

Original screenshot:

(And no, people, I’m not making an actual comic series.)

EDIT: I don’t know if this was ok to be on Comics since it isn’t any actualy comics. Should this thread be moved to just screenshots?

I don’t know about the sections but this is awesome god damn

Awesome, Is it really your first screenshot? O-o

Love the jetpack Sentry Engie.

This isn’t a comic?

No a comic book cover.
An EPIC comic book cover ^^

Like a real authentic comic book cover.

Awesome. Other than the odd posing for the weapons.

Look cool, but it would look even better with some AA

Sweet. But the quality isn’t brilliant.

love the heavy XD…nice dude!

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see page 193…