The Evil Side Of ULX custom commands

Okay, so I wanted to know some thoughts on this. I downloaded this awesome essential stuff because it has some helpful tools like showing steamID but it held the most shocking and most abusive command that should have never ever had been released. Force microphone. yes this allows you to force mic by using the +voicerecord

They can’t turn it off unless they leave the server or an admin turns it off. This I thought was a complete invasion of personal privacy and I didn’t even want to posses the command. I thought I would just ask for some opinion on this as well because I thought this was completely evil and not even really useful except for abuse.

It’s malicious and you should simply not play on servers that do such things.

I though the +voicerecord thing was patched, and it didn’t work, i guess not.

It still works and is mostly used to catch ghosters on TTT

If you don’t want to use your mic at all: alias +voicerecord “”;alias -voicerecord “”
If you do: don’t join bad servers that do shit like this