The Evil Within The Keeper 3d model

i managed to rip The Keeper but his head is always missing in the rip and his textures are messed up (as alot of models do nowadays for me when trying to rip)

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attempting to try and fix these issues

From what I can recall, The Evil Within runs on id Tech 5, which I think is kinda tricky to successfully rip from.

You’re correct. Although it technically runs on a modified version of the id Tech 5 engine, it’s still id Tech 5 nonetheless. Ripping from that engine is possible, but it’s more of a pain to do so.

Personally, I’d just wait and see if any tools come out that might help with extracting the content from the game’s files instead of trying to rip it.

well some other user has The Keeper model ripped correctly, and the UV’s but we’re trying to figure out how to get the textures on, my rip doesn’t seem to have gotten all the textures

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his extraction/rip whatever he did is T-Posed

the character models can be imported into Blender the same as Wolfenstein and RAGE. The hold up right now is the textures since the game uses the megatexture technology. I would be very curious to see what the textures look like that you ripped.