The Exile


"Our administration staff has no tolerance for your kind. Your ban is now permanent."

Gloomier atmosphere this time. Toyed with water and symmetry here. Didn’t plan for this to become a final pic until it became a final pic. So here it is.
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C&C appreciated!

You never cease to amaze

Truly amazing.

I love screenshots about Gmod. This is fantastic.

really digging the scale

This needs to be on the main menu screen.

Oh man the music is so fitting. Complements the scale of epicness very well.

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Really recommend looking at the high res! A lot of neat details like in the center right which would be hard to notice.

id let you physgun me so hard

Absolutely fantastic!

Amazing. Love the gloomy atmosphere.

I’m just sorry there’s no minges lurking somewhere in the swamp :stuck_out_tongue:

Dayum, that’s some good thinking.

This looks amazing

So so good.