the experimental branch, worth playing yet?

Hey guys

I have had a break from rust for the last month and I see that there is a new version out.
Is it playable yet, or should I wait?


It’s playable if you like building stacks of campfires. Other than that it’s just nice to check in occasionally and see the progress.

Fun to see what they’re working on, but not a whole lot to do.

Completely true. I think that if you find running around and jumping fun then experimental is the place for you.

Its playable in Windows. Not playable in Linux yet due to some minor bugs. They recently added a very early procedural map system and lots of water. There’s only some basic functions available for now. But they are making great progress. Garry even mentioned something about having added swimming but I don’t know if it made it into the experimental branch yet. Either way its exciting to see how they are doing. Good things are in the works for this new version.

Swimming is in.

What about MAC OS ?

I would assume only swimming in the ponds, lakes, and rivers is non-deadly. Ocean still instant or can you go a little ways in before it stops you or kills you?

I played last night and was able to go into the ocean, but this was before swimming was implemented so I just ran on the bottom of the ocean floor :stuck_out_tongue: not sure if it’s changed yet.

I’ve managed to get it running on Mac absolutely fine after a reinstall.

Thanks alot guys for the info

Ok, ty I’ll try to delete and reinstall.

Let me know if it works. I’ve been letting other people know but I’m not sure if it worked for them or not.

It works ! BOOM.

Thank you dude !

Glad to hear it man!

All I did in it was teabag sleepers, run around jumping in third person, and swim in the water.