The experimental map has an world border - Stairway to heaven

I was curious if the world has a world border, so i went to the end of the main island where the sea starts and began building a stair. A few hours and 11500 wood later i came to the end and was no longer able to build a next floor.

Some interesting facts:
It took me about 2800stairs
While I was building the stairs pretty much people were invisible to me, somebody even started attacking me and I began bleeding, fortunately i didn’t take any damage.
I began to starve from hunger at the building process.
There was an increase of the frame rate as higher i got.

Some Screenshots:
View from top:

View from bottom:

View from the middle of the stairs:

I can confirm that. I tried to to kill stairway to heaven builders in the past and they just bleed but take no damage.

How high a stair do you need to build to become invulnerable? As high as the OP stair? Or does invulnerability kick in at lower altitudes?

there also seems to be a height that if you fall from beyond it, you take no fall damage:)

I can confirm invulnerability doesn’t work at lower altitudes. I discovered someone else’s stairway to heaven. It wasn’t as high as this one, but still probably more than 30-40 tiles high. I went to the very top to have a look at the view, and while I was admiring it, someone ran up the stairway behind me a killed me. Two hits and I was dead. So altitude didn’t help me any there…

As a sidenote question, how do you get the stairs to stack like that? In my own builds, I am only able to place stairs on top of other stairs if I place walls under them and floor tiles between each one? How do other people manage to create these big long ladders?

I also placed walls and floor tiles, however i didn’t “upgrade” those, which causes them do decay after some time. You can see parts of the floor tiles at the first image.

Okay, thanks Leitwert, (unfortunately I cannpt see your images atm, because my stupid work firewall doesn’t allow us to visit image hosting sites)!

So, to confirm, for the high up stairs, did you have to place wall, floor, wall, floor, wall, floor, wall, floor, etc, all the way up from the ground, or just from the previous level? (I will have to login from home and look at your photos)!

You just need to place floor, stairs, wall from the previous level.
Once you are at home you can see it better at the following image:

The floor and wall will decay over time (if not upgraded) and only the stairs will be left.

Yeah, thanks Leitwert, I had a little play last night and figured it out. Place floor, place stairs, place wall, build stairs, repeat. You must be so controlled at doing that, it took be about 30 mins to build a stairway about 7-8 stairs high, and then I fell off and died! Also, if you stop at any point, your previous floor decays, and you can no longer continue. Your effort was amazing!

It would be really interesting to carry out some tests to see at what level (floors up) that “invincibility/invulnerable” effect kicks in? We will all be building our cabins in skyboxes at the ends of really long ladders, lol!