The Eyes of City Seventeen (A citizen stalked by a scanner)

This was going to be a scene in the first episode of Vandal and since I didn’t want to do anything in GMod at the moment I felt to give it an edit. There are some blurring errors since I manually blurred it because apparently I forgot to when I originally took the picture. So yeah. Looky looky:

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Is there something so horrible no one can comment?

56 Views and no replies?!

Pretty good for what it is. A little boring though. I wish there were more maps of City 17, that trainstation is just so damn familiar.

Unfortunately I agree.

I actually like it, has a nice feeling and tells a bit about C17.

Also how did you give the picture that brownish colour? Also can we see the original?

It’s called sepia, look it up in Photo Filters. In Photoshop.

It’s no sepia, the picture still retains a lot of colours that sepia filters out.

image => color filter => Sepia => Adjust oppacity

Looking good :3

simple but nice
have an arty

There’s a good RP map out there i forgot the name.

Awesome, I really like it!! Keep it up!

It’s not sepia, but thanks.

Again, not sepia. :slight_smile:

The brownish color I was able to do using virtual photographer, using Mountain and changing the color to yellow.

I’m glad people like it, despite it’s simplicity.

Looks good yes it does need more attention.

I’m hurt that you got disagreed with. D:

Variations red yellow red blue(i think)



There are some unblurred spots? o.O

GOod, either wise :stuck_out_tongue:

Was that a question or a statement. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, there are, like I said in the OP I did the blur manually, and only noticed some of the mistakes when I posted. I just didn’t bother fixing it.