The face of terror!

Is it just me… or does this woman’s face suggest that she is absolutely terrified?

She is screaming “HELP MEEEEE!” with those eyes, raised eyebrows, and she looks like she is almost frowning but trying to keep herself together and not let her aggressor see her cry.

Garry… what have done to this poor woman? I know traumatized people when I see them, and this woman has seen some stuff… stuff… man!

If this trend keeps up, we’re going to need blueprints for therapists offices and crisis centers!

EDIT: +1 for her being kind of pigeon-toed.

Looks like more of a “Sorry but I have to kill you now” look she’s giving you while you’re lying downed on a soft patch of grass.

I totally agree, my first thought when i saw it.

I want to see the look on your face when you get exposed to the internet.

Just look at the flowers

In other words…a typical womanly look:pwn:

I respectfully disagree. see her eyebrows are raised slightly. Not in fear, i believe, but just in worry. Because she knows she’s being thrown into a world of flaccid men with the voice of 14-year-olds. She knows there is no danger. sex isn’t, and will never be implemented in the game. but she knows they will constantly bump into her. uncomfortable, but harmless.

She was just started her period and the Devs haven’t added feminine hygiene products yet