The Facepunch "Facepunch Mapper's Off Topic Chat" Thread

Seeing as a large number of members, myself included, misinterpreted the purpose of the other thread, here’s a thread for all off topic chatter and shitposting.

Things this thread is not:
[release]1. This is not a thread for mapping questions, or at least questions along the lines of, “How do I get blah to do blah?” That thread would be right here at the Mapping Question Megathread v3.
2. This is not a thread to show off your work in progress maps. Feel free to check out The Facepunch “Mapping Pimpage/WIP” Thread.
3. This is not.[/release]

Things this thread is:
[release]1. This thread is the place to discuss all of your habits, influences, and appreciations so long as they have nothing to do with anything regarding mapping.
2. This thread is the place to discuss things like what you listen to while you masturbate and shit.
3. This thread is for everything that can’t fit in the Map Pimpage, Mapping Question thread or Facepunch “Yab and Blabber” Thread but is something you just want to share with people on the internet.[/release]

Thank you very much Wauterboi for the slightly edited OP, and to clarify, this isn’t a thread to just piss off Craptasket, but seeing as he rightfully pointed out people weren’t following the rules in the other thread and us mappers spew so much incomprehensible wank, I felt it was needed.

I love you.

  1. “Yab and Blabber”
  2. What’s the point of the other thread then? We don’t need four categories for our posts dude. It’d be better to just sort things out in the other thread or make a new version with more clarification, which I’m totally up for. If that’s the case, then just lock the other thread and make this the new version.

Right back atcha, sugar :wink:

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It’s not necessarily a permanent fix, just something to kill time in until something is sorted out.

Seems this is what Craptasket wants, which we don’t have much control over.

I’m just saying that I think it’d be better to talk this out with Craptasket and figure it out. Say what we want, he says what he wants, and we see where that takes us.

I for one, am currently eating a bagel.

It does not have a hole in it.

Off-topic threads were cut and changed to chat threads long ago
only off-topic thread, go here if you want to post about your mundane crap.