The Facepunch Left 4 Dead "Map/Campaign Pimpage" Thread V1

**I am making the Left 4 Dead Map/Campaign Pimpage thread to lead more people to work on Left 4 Dead campaigns or maps. Left 4 Dead is a great game, and it would be nice to see some more campaigns to play on. **

[li] Do not be an ass about people’s work. It’s a privilege for them to show you their work, only use constructive criticism. If their map looks like the Tank took a shit all over it, simply guide them toward making it look better.
[/li][li]Please use [IMG_THUMB] tags if your image is 1280 x 720 or larger.
[/li][li]Use [IMG_THUMB] tags if you’re quoting an image.
[/li][li]Work In Progress maps must be compiled.
[/li][li]Discussion of WIPs is allowed, and encouraged.
[/li][li]Don’t go off-topic.
[/li][li]Content posted in this thread MUST be from either Left 4 Dead 1, or Left 4 Dead 2.

Images of my recent work:

You do know that this section is for Garry’s Mod maps right?

No it isn’t.

I had permission from Terrenteller to post this here. Also, then why is the UDK Thread allowed to be here?

Redirect me to this other mapping forum then, and I’d be proud to post it there.

Anyways, to go back on topic with my thread. Does anyone think it would be possible to redo the logic for the Hard Rain campaign and make it so that it’s always using the really thick/scarier rain? I have it so it randomly triggers on my map, I followed the tutorial from VDC, but now I’m not quite sure how to do it. There’s only one thing I’ve found that triggers it and it’s something like, “On20SecondsToMob” which is triggering the “relay_storm_start” after a delay of 15 seconds. The thing is, I can’t find a way to keep that storm running.

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Nevermind, that was a lot easirer than I thought. Triggered the storm when the players spawned, and removed the blend out for it.

Cool, a L4D map thread!

Although it’s kind of useless seeing as we could just normally post our L4D maps in the regular map pimpage thread, but oh well I ain’t gonna’ complain. :v:

Here’s some ( slightly old ) pics of what I’ve been working on, my Hawaiian campaign:[/media]

Please do not save as a png.

Media tagged 'em for your precious dial up.

Meia tags still load the images.

Why does this need it’s own thread? Hardly anybody makes l4d maps anyways. And what was wrong with the current pimpage thread?

I get moist over L4D mapping. And a lot of people make L4D maps actually, so don’t spoil my fun.

I think the “The Facepunch “Map Pimpage/WIP” Thread” is sufficient for all maps that are Source based.

Waste of a thread. L4D2 and L4D maps can easily be posted in the normal ‘Map Pimpage/WIP’ Thread, I recommend you get this thread closed.

Oh the irony

I like this thread, it inspires me to start working on a Left 4 Dead map. It’s not a waste of a thread, perhaps some people only want to see Left 4 Dead maps and not hundreds of Gmod maps until finally seeing ONE picture of L4D.

That isn’t just a GMod mapping thread :colbert:

Oh high and mighty “I made this version of teh pimpage thread so everyone needs to post wip maps thar derp”

Ha ha, oh wow.


Well this thread’s already gone to shit since everyone is so close minded and cant accept new things :smith:

If that was true, more people would be using lua to do things that io can do. Oh wait.

While we are at it lets make a Facepunch Orangebox engine map pimpage thread, along with ep1, and 2004. :golfclap: