The Facepunch Mapper's Texture Collaboration Project (Reboot)

Hello everyone, this is indeed Hostel. I began using this new account a few months ago. I was reading about how some you guys missed the project, and my heart sank a little. So here it is again! The good news is that all textures are right where they used to be, even for members that left.

What is this?

This is a collaboration project between us Facepunch mappers to make a large collection of textures; open, streamed, updated automatically to everyone involved.

How does it work?

Using Dropbox and a Shell Link Extension, we all have a linked/synchronized folder located in our material folder. When any of us add a file to this folder, the data is instantly synced to everyone else automatically. There is no downloading, no moving files, no effort; textures just show up exactly where they need to be for use.

What you need!

  • Invitation to the project; send me a PM with the email you use for Dropbox. (Make sure to accept the invitation on Dropbox.)

  • Dropbox; create an account and install Dropbox.

  • Link Shell Extension; links the collaboration folder from Dropbox to your materials folder.

I've been invited! What do I do now?

  1. Go to your Dropbox folder in My Documents. Right click the folder “Facepunch Collaboration Project” -> Pick Link Source.

  2. Go to the materials folder of any Source game/mod that you use. Right click an empty space inside that folder -> Drop As -> Symbolic Link.

  3. A folder should come up inside the materials folder called “Facepunch Collaboration Project”, rename it to “facepunch”.

  4. Inside this folder, “facepunch”, create a new folder named after your facepunch username. Mine would be “hostel”.

You're Done!

You can now create any additional folders that you like inside the folder “your username” for organization and put any your newly creates textures/materials in there. They will be streamed to everyone else’s material folders. You can help other users improve their textures (with permission from the user) as well. How cool is that?

*Anything Else?*

Nope. If we exceed the 2GB cap, I will upgrade to a 50GB account. I don’t care what kind of textures you add, they can be from other games, photos, texture websites, or made yourself.

Would you be interested in some models aswell? I made a release page thing a while ago, they could be added to this?

The general consensus was only textures.

But why not? I mean, we could all use models as well: if need be we could even make a sister collaboration for models.
Glad to see that this project has been revived, looks like that post in the Pimpage thread did do some good.

Models and materials for models would take up even more space and I’m limited on how much I have.

GoogleDrive gives 5Gb for free. and if you need more space, it’s 2 times cheaper than Dropbox

That is true, we could program some sort of migration.

i would be down for this if we could do models too. seriously this is a goldmine of an opportunity.

I actually like this idea. “Facepunch Mapper’s Asset Collaboration Project”
Not just textures but all kinds of Game assets like sounds, Instances, models and particle effects. It could make for a good starting platform for people who want to make non-HL2 themed custom maps without having to create their own assets.

I’m especially excited about the prospect of building an instance library as I think there’s some seriously untapped potential in that. Proper use of Instances can be seen as an entity you create yourself within hammer and it allows for some really effective mapping. example: ( Every wheat block is an instance so I can create several of them without having to manually re-name all the entities for each one. Same goes for the pistons to which I added a key-value to switch between sticky and normal.

The only reason why I’m apprehensive about adding models is that I anticipate people only throwing models in that are compiled to have textures in particular folder paths, which I can’t accommodate for by syncing the entire materials folder.

Well, those can be easily modified and we can put some rules up prohibiting it. Seeing as all the materials would be self-made/self-ripped, it shouldn’t be too hard keeping it under control.

as long as all models follow the valve standard ie: mod/materials/models you could choose to simply not sync the /models sub-folder of materials.

I’m back in again now I got time but can I perhaps use another db account? I need more space.

Yeah, just PM him and it should all go smooth

Somebody deleted everything again

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JaKe Fortunato what the hell

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Alright, I’m replacing the files with a version from May 7th. This should work

Just restore it via the Dropbox website.

The problem with that, is that you have to select individual files and restore them, which is a pain in the ass. You can not restore folders, etc., so I’m using Windows Backup to replace them in Explorer.

Can’t you share individual folders within your public folder? Everyone has their own contribution within their own folder and they can’t edit any other folder.

Perhaps this project should be moved to something besides dropbox to ensure that doesn’t happen again? What about something like SVN? That way if there’s a need to rollback it can be done easily.

Well, I got it back. Basically if you have Windows Update, the damage shouldn’t be that hard. But moving it to SVN would be a good idea.
If Jazer is still alive we could move it to Drive, which looks more promising right now…if he isn’t, I’ll do it myself. Or SVN, but that’s a bit complicated and it’s harder to upload things.