The Facepunch Mapper's Texture Collaboration Project


What is this?

This is a collaboration project between us Facepunch mappers to make a large collection of textures; open, streamed, and constantly updated, automatically, to everyone involved.

How does it work?

Using Dropbox, we all have a linked/synchronized folder located in our material folder. When any of us add a file to this folder, the data is instantly synced to everyone else automatically. There is no downloading, no moving files, no effort; textures just show up exactly where they need to be for use.

What you need!

  • Dropbox; create an account and install Dropbox.

  • Invitation to the project; send me a PM with the email you used for Dropbox. (Make sure to accept the invitation on Dropbox.)

  • Link Shell Extension

I've been invited! What do I do now?

  1. Go to your Dropbox folder in My Documents. Right click the folder “Facepunch Collaboration Project” -> Pick Link Source.

  2. Go to the materials folder of any Source game/mod that you use. Right click an empty space inside that folder -> Drop As -> Symbolic Link.

  3. A folder should come up inside the materials folder called “Facepunch Collaboration Project”, rename it to “facepunch”.

  4. Inside this folder, “facepunch”, create a new folder named after your facepunch username. Mine would be “hostel”.

You're Done!

You can now create any additional folders that you like inside the folder “your username” for organization and put any your newly creates textures/materials in there. They will be streamed to everyone else’s material folders, ready for use. You can help other users improve their textures (with permission from the user) as well. How cool is that?

*Anything Else?*

Nope. If we exceed the 2GB cap, I will upgrade to a 50GB account. I don’t care what kind of textures you add, they can be from other games, photos, texture websites, or made yourself.

Current Members:
Hostel [Project Lead]
Neo Kabuto
Ray 551
The freeman

This seems like a great idea, but I can see some more cautious Facepunch users bein worried about viruses.

If the dropbox invite is kept to trusted FP members with a history of content, i don’t see that happening.


The Sim City 4 collaboration project ran just fine. Malicious code will not be an issue at all.

I added a nice thread title picture. Just to make things feel “official”, haha.

I’ll be joining.

I’d like to join but I have no content though I would like to make some (no computer for the next two weeks/half though). Didn’t a user give facepunch a whole dump of textures a while back? Start with his textures if the guy’s interested to build up a solid base

Well, I encourage everyone to join. If you don’t produce textures, you can still benefit from all of this on-going work that Firegod and I currently do.

I’m surprised this is not doing better. This is probably the most convenient way I’ve seen so far of distributing and receiving new textures, it’s virtually effortless. If you improve a texture, that change is synced to everyone who is involved.

Some things I have uploaded, but are not limited to;[/t]

I’d like to help, but this doesn’t actually seem all that convenient. At least not at first glance, which I think is the main issue with why more people haven’t jumped aboard this project. Don’t get the wrong idea though, this is a great concept but it needs to look as convenient as you say it is before more people will feel inclined to read- let alone do all this.

As well, can people make requests?

Send me your Dropbox email Phone, I have already added quite a lot of textures, Firegod has his own share as well that I’ve received. I’m not putting restrictions on who joins. They can make requests and be a part of the collaboration just to get textures, they’re not obligated to add any.

There may be a lack of understanding of why it’s easy. For example, I just added about 20 textures to my materials/facepunch/hostel folder; Firegod automatically has those textures in his own materials folder. I’ve made tons of updates to them as well and he doesn’t have to do anything, he just automatically receives those updates.

Suppose I sync my material directory, is there an option available to prevent the folder from automatically receiving updates? My Hard-drive space is currently relatively low.


Secondly, this sort of calls for a concern of bandwidth usage. Again, if there is an option available to temporarily disable “automatic downloading”, that would be highly preferred.

Also, just a thought, perhaps a public SVN repository link could be provided? It’s certainly very manageable, easy to setup and use.

You’re looking at downloading only 2GB max if we ever get there, you can’t afford that much HDD space? In any case, there is this option in Dropbox:

I would be really interested in helping (sending you my email via pm)

Alright! Four members are now in so far. We currently have over 100MB of texture data that is synced to everyone.

I’ll start adding textures once I make some. My laptop got wiped so I lost everything.

(PM sent)

I might, but problem is that I generally create extremely high texture resolutions (4096^2)

And that I don’t have Photoshop anymore (HDDs like to fail on me) But I hope to be able to contribute soon!

And, its a awesome idea.

A small preview of some of my textures in the collab, available for use.

You’re doing a great thing here Hostel, many people will be able to benifit from it. I wish I could contribute but the majority of textures I make are for a mod, and I cant release them :confused:

Well, i could dump some of mine here.

While it looks awesome and if i were a different sort of person, i would use these until my hands were raw nubs, i always feel bad putting other peoples work in my maps.
I prefer making my own content, but i can see this being very, very usefull for others.