The Facepunch mapping contest: Artic: Voting!

Which is the awesome?

This one:


GameDev & Lamarr



I love you all <3

Mine if finished what the fuck you said it had to be sent in by the first what the fuck it’s only 11:20 let me put mine in please

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See look there it is!

I like GameDev&Lamarr the most.

There is no option to vote for TCB!
Well, looks like I’m going to have to vote for someone else.

I finished that map fair and drunk! I deserve votes!

Hey I’m on thelist thanks!

Aw shit my map is half finished, oh well

Shouldn’t Goldplatinum have to submit his bsp?

They are all so nice

Should I take screenshots of mine?

Damn GoldPlatinum’s is nice.

Still 4 days to vote.

why is mine on there, lol

GoldPlatinum’s is nice, but with a serious lack of a BSP I have to go with Gamedev’s and Lamaar’s

Thanks for voting, guys :slight_smile: I will submit a bsp if needed

and IronPhoenix wins


This one didn’t have.

You only get a prize if you submitted a bsp