The Facepunch Mapping Contest: Dev Textures - Voting *New*

[H2]The Facepunch Mapping Contest: Dev Textures - Voting[/H2]

[H2]TCB (Horror Style Gameplay. Must play! It’s epic.)[/H2]

**You can download and play this map from: **


[H2]Jukka K[/H2] H2[/H2]




You can download and play this map from:


[H2]Voting End Time[/H2]

I apologise to the previous contestants for starting another thread, but, you guys wanted the other people involved so badly. So, I did it for you. I’m sure the results will just pan out the same.

Yay new thread (now to vote for myself)

What the hell is up with TCB’s map’s ending

The ending scared me to death, Tyler knows how to make a great atmosphere.

Don’t you dare spoil it for everyone.

So uh, how do you open that door?

Tyler is a very funny guy, and a great map creator ;O. So if he makes wierdo maps its normal :smiley:

For anyone stuck in Tyler’s red room, (I know I was). Here is a hint;


I find it a bit strange that you, Mr Anonymous, voted for TCB (doesn’t matter who), even though you’re one of those who will offer a price for a winner. Shouldn’t you recuse yourself from voting?

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Same goes for G-foxisus, though he hasn’t voted yet, and hopefully won’t.

Why should I not vote for him? It is entirely my choice if and who I vote for, tbh.

Because you’re the one giving out prices, thus you shouldn’t vote. It’s not fair competition if the organizer aids one participant.

When Axl Rose was creating Chinese Democracy, Dr Pepper said to him that if he released it in a certain time they’d give a free can of Dr Pepper to every citizen of America. They didn’t exclude Axl or Dr Pepper employees just because they were involved with it.

That’s a bad example. Every time you see a competition somewhere, the employees of said company aren’t allowed to enter. Also to go with examples, it’s like we had a running competition of 400 meters, but one guy had to run only 375 meters.

I must say, i have more of an issue with mappers voting for themselves than the prize givers voting for people.

How does it make any difference whether he votes or not

i didnt vote because i didnt want you all to hate me :downs:
too many good choices

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I see what you are getting at jukka, but this should be a friendly competition, and tbh it is worse when someone votes for themselves

I have 17 voter names, but the total only says 16 :tinfoil:

Ghosts obviously, they keep getting into my computer somehow

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wait i just realized why that wouldn’t work

I was pretty torn between J!m and Jukka K. They’re both excellently done.
Settled for the former because of how scenic and eye-catching it is, although the lighting of the latter is superior.

Pretty much the same. However I decided to vote for J!m as for me, models are not devtex material.
Jukka’s map is incredible detail-wise, but I consider the inclusion of models more of a flaw than a benefit when it comes to the goal of the competition itself.