The Facepunch Mapping Contest: Dev Textures

Write me down

I’m still trying to find one. I recommend sharp refracting textures though

I FRIGGIN LOVE the glass from Marble Blast Ultra. That is the kind of glass im going for

What the fuck dude? Do you live in my cousins house or something?
What you made is an almost 1-1 replica of my cousins living room.

Love how this contest allows us the opportunity to do some different future type environments rather than the same old dirty buildings.

Maybe he is your cousin…or is stalking him…

Because Blackice is probably crying at the lack of trains…i bring you…

The start of a maglev :slight_smile:

Your cousin has a fancy house.

I dont know what this is. **WARNING DUBSTEP IN BACKGROUND

Whoops I already made a maglev for the contest

Can I join even if I am only basic ? I mean I might as well try.

Oh and how do I show the map ? Just pictures?

The more trains the better :slight_smile:

Read the op, usually providing pictures and the map to the competition host.

Anyone can join, its good practice.

Finally, someone who shares a similar passion of rolling balls like me

Must…resist…gay jokes!


A couple of your rings are rotating unevenly, as I can see clipping between the outer ring and the middle ring. Also, get better mapping music, that shit rots your brain.

(sorry for the late answer)
Light seams like to appear when you don’t adhere to Hammer’s grid. I’ve expeirenced this in my maps. Just snap each edge and vertex to Hammer’s grid (at the 1 unit level) to fix this for good.

I’ve been mappng to Nickleback today. Interesting really as the stuff i’m producing is weird. I wonder what happens if i listen to some of my weird music…will i get sane designs?

I also decided that “Where Do I Hide” would be my armoury montage music of choice…

Mapping to weird music definitely helps

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Not a stoner myself but this music is… interesting

Ok, probably the last image from me tonight.

Listening to dubstep rots your brain. Well have fun listening to hard core scream-o / rap.