The Facepunch Mapping Contest: Dev Textures

Try other bands than Nickelback.

Styx is excellent for mapping.

I can agree with that.

And I don’t listen to hardcore or rap, I listen to ambient/folk music while mapping. Calming and relaxing.

I like to listen to music from the 20s and 30s while I map.

I listen to music from the 50s every once in awhile, its calming. Sometimes I listen to punk, kinda depends

dubstep pumps me up and then i listen to coldplay when its like 2 in the morning

While we’re on this topic, I often listen to soundtracks from fantasy games such as Fable when I’m building things like castles and temples. I seem to work more productively when I really get into the theme I’m working with.

I was listening to Outkast last time I was mapping, and right now while I’m mapping I’m listening to Radiohead. I like music.

We should make a chat thread or something for us mappers.

Also on topic, I am getting help for my wayward elevator! Ug!

Can I be removed from the contest?

I’m withdrawing to work on a larger project, which was what my entry was based on, plus I’m not productive enough to finish by the deadline, otherwise I would stay for the end.

I would like to state this contest increased my mapping skills, so thanks for it. :smile:

I mostly listen to random music. My library spreads from Winnie the Pooh, Hl2, Hl1, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic R, to Beethoven, to Curious George, and other random stuff.

Ambiance, soundtracks, liquid DNB and classic rock mostly but pretty much anything.

There we go, although I could have probably thrown it in the Chat forum instead of this forum. Should I ask to get it moved?

Then we’d have to go to the chat section to see it. I prefer to keep the Mapping section open and just close the other tabs as I read them.

we’re allowed to take feedback/suggestions on our maps right?

But of course


Oh shiiiit, I’m entering.

Prepare for dm_unbalancedasfuck.

Count me back in, ill give it another go :smile: