The Facepunch Mapping Contest: Dev Textures

So custom water and/or refracting textures are allowed?

Yes. You can have any water texture you want.

no tf2 dev textures? why

props round two, any suggestions to what i should add?

Hm, it might look nice if you chop up the floor a bit. For example, you could use a slightly darker floor texture for the main path that passes under the sign. Some colorful lights around the left wall and the low ceiling to the right might look good as well.

Maybe add a different colored light shining down on the spherical structure

it’s coming together nicely juniez

Add a shrine of me.

aw dude thanks! great suggestions
but unfortunately i can’t do have any lights on the sphere because source’s model lighting system kind of sucks


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not making any guarantees lady

Bad idea, it’d be hard to see the rest of the map with you in the way.

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More like condescending or annoyed. :v:

facepunch mapping forum - “oi get out of the way lady i want to see that map”

so i tried adding more lights for variety, but then it became too bright and overpowering so i ended up turning the sun down a bit


You used my suggestion! :smile:
It looks great, but I think it would look really cool if you changed the light_environment color or artificial lighting color to create some contrast/mood.

The contrast is kind of there already, but i didn’t want to take it further than that because I was afraid of screwing with the pristine look of the place.

You bastard! I was gonna do dev plants! BASTARD!

no worries, I’m sure yours will turn out much better