The Facepunch Mapping Contest :Relaxing/Soothing - Voting

Gentlemen,this is the voting thread!
Here’s the final entries:

Grenade Man

Download :




Download link:
The view model of the gun and HUD couldnt be removed, because console doesnt work on MacBooks.

Voting ends on 16.7.2012 (That’s 2 weeks.)

Grenade man’s map crashes as i start it.

Not sure about garrysmod but I tried it in HL2:Ep2 and it launches without any problems.

Maybe lower some settings before launching it?

It’s kinda crappy to vote for yourself gp.

exactly, hence why I discarded his entry immediatly from my vote.

Woah, sorry. Didnt know that voting for myself would have such an impact :frowning:

Is there a way to cancel my vote?

There isn’t a rule against it, but morally, you didn’t think that it might skew the results?

Im last anyways

I have idea for the next contest:Make a mix scene of your two favorite movies&games.

Why does voting take 2 weeks?

I think everyone who cares will vote in the first few days anyways.

Yeah, that’s almost as long as the actual contest itself. I’d bump it down to 1 week.

I thought the contest was about 1-2 months. Your time must fly past.

I’m a timelord, dear.

Next contest should be a western architecture challenge one.

Which west?

I assume he meant the one on the right, but the one on the left could be interesting. The only Eastern (western?) props that are widely available are limited to CSS and CS:GO, and there isn’t a lot of variety in the “east”. Besides, it’s hard to make a desert village map actually look pretty. For the “west”, there could be giant springs, lakes, temples, and all kinds of cool stuff. I’d say a east-(west) architecture challenge would be better.

No, you are just incapable of doing simple maths…

Couldn’t you just say Europe or Texas?

Not the uk then?

We need more asian maps, we have so few of them.