The Facepunch Mapping Contest - Relaxing/Soothing

I’ve been asked by Oskutin to do the next contest and this one’s theme will be RELAXING/SOOTHING environments and atmospheres.


  • You can work in teams. (Maximum: 3 per team.)
  • You cannot use any previous work you have made.
  • Must be your own work.
  • No size limitations.
  • Doesn’t have to be playable.
  • Should have a generally soothing/relaxing effect to viewers.
  • Can be accompanied by music
  • Final entries are submitted in the form of uploaded videos to me by PM.


Saturday 30th of June 2012 @ 12:00AM (GMT)


Maybe something for inspiration or to map by.

Grenade Man

yeah nah im out

It’s not a requirement.Can be in the style of a background map.

It wasn’t a requirement for the last contest, so everybody did artistic stuff whereas I focused on gameplay.

Cool theme. I will definitely think about joining with something.

This seems like it will require a lot of custom content to work

I would love to join, but I kinda got my hands on a different project. Maybe another time :slight_smile:

I missed the passed three contests for said reason, because I didn’t want to move away from my mapping project. This one though… I dunno, I might make something small or something. Doesn’t need to be anything intricate, just something relaxing. I might go ahead and do this one.

Count me in.

I’d use the CS:GO SDK, except they won’t let me in the CS:GO beta because of racial discrimination.

Total conspiracy.

This contest makes no sense. How can you have something soothing or relaxing and not be playable? Taking a picture of a waterfall isn’t relaxing, being in front of it and listening to the sounds it emits is relaxing. The same can be said for every other example…

By “playable”, I think he meant moving around and interacting with things.
And it’s only optional.

Means ladders are workable, areas all able to be entered etc etc

We are allowed to use any source game right?

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If so count me in

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I can think of a couple more reasons why they shouldn’t let you in

About that, I have a layout for a CSGO map, that I started on today, (just dev texture crap) Can I use that?

I’m thinking underwater…
If so, then count me in!

why are you so mean to me :c

Also, what if the members on your team use their previous work? Would that still count, even if you were not aware of their doing this?

Yup count me in, got to practice my mapping anyway so this will be a good excuse.

Because you keep saying little things that are annoying, while trying to be funny, much why dr salvador didn’t get the greatest reputation in here

and to address your question, it really shouldn’t be about winning a contest with no prize, and if it is, then you aren’t doing it for the right reason

Im in

Excuse me… Have you ever played, or seen, the game “Flower”? That game is more of an experience than an actual game, and it’s extremely relaxing.

I am entering.

I’ve got an idea that I’ve wanted to do for like, the last 6 months. May as well start!