The Facepunch Mapping Contest V16 - Sci-Fi Horror

-Teams are allowed (maximum of 3).
-No previous work allowed.
-Does not have to be playable, but you will probably get brownie points if it is (this means providing the .bsp for users).
-No size limit.
-It can be based off a horror game’s canon, or storyline.
-To submit a playable work, pm me your .bsp file.
-Anything else is free to your imagination. The engine version is preferably Half Life 2: Episode 2 because more people own that but if you choose to take a vid of your map or a screenshot then it’s fine.

:Note: I will not be participating in this. I will likely however, design my own map for pure entertainment. My map will not be included in the poll or in its thread.

August 19th, this gives you exactly one month.

The winner will be judged on August 20th when:

I get off work at 11:30 pm (GMT -6, CST).
Or at 5:00 pm (GMT -6, CST), if I don’t have work.

Dead Space 2 Trailer
Doom 3 Trailer
(Sci-fi) Mass Effect 3 Trailer
Horror Ambiance 1
Horror Ambiance 2
de_KeySIV sci-fi environment

PhilipK’s sci-fi texture pack: Part 1
PhilipK’s sci-fi texture pack: Part 2
Cbast’s sci-fi texture pack
Pakrat (Packs custom textures into the map, saves the effort of organizing them).
rocketrascal34’s Pakrat Tutorial
DivinityCorp’s Custom Texture Installation Tutorial
Firegod’s Hammer Editor Tutorials (Recommended you watch from 1-18 in order)
IronPhoenix’s Hammer Editor Tutorials
Sphinxa’s Hammer Editor Tutorials
Interlopers, a wealth of a variety of tutorials.

-Sphinxa (Partnered with PinkPanzer)
-PinkPanzer (Partnered with Sphinxa)
-Grenade Man
-Janooba (Partnered with TangoGorila)
-TangoGorila (Partnered with Janooba)
-Zero Hour

V15: Relaxing / Soothing
V14: Dev Textures
V13: Extreme Cities & Trains
V12: Arctic
V11: Loveable Entertainment Locations
V10: Above the Sky
V9: Cinematic
V8: Renovations
V7: Underground
V6: Co-op Micronations
V5: Single Player Winner
V4: Trains & Rails
V3: Birth of a Civlization
V2: ???
V1: ???

I could not for the life of me find the first two, sorry.

Sorry Oskutin, I tried adding you awhile back and you denied my friend’s request so I couldn’t ask your permission.

Sounds awesome. I’m still a little confused on the general theme, though. Scientific horror? Is that just pretty much anything scary that involves science?

A better term would be futuristic horror I suppose, but future in the sense of the sci-fi feel.

I’m in.

Woo contest, I’m entering.

I’ll offer up to $20 through Steam games and/or Boostar.

Write me down

Sure I’ll give it a shot.

You missed this competition on your list.

Goes after V13.

I’ll do this but only if I get a partner.

If you’re willing to take the risk I’ll partner with you, just had a sudden influx of mapping inspiration, you should take advantage of this, I am determined to actually finish this competition.

Whoa, I did not realize you and the guy on my friends list were the same guy. Total mindfuck now.

Lies…you never finish anything!

Thanks Anonymous. Will update now. I’ll add Pink to the list with Sphinxa.

Op is now up to date.

Going to add some tutorials to the resources as well for those who are wondering how to do stuff and don’t want to be stuck with stock textures.

Make sure to add mine, firegod’s and Phoenix’s tutorials <3

Updated with a ton of tutorials.

I’m offering $20 for Steam and/or Boostar, not or, that’s a little silly.


Count me in.

Anybody willing to team up? I am pretty much devoid of ideas right now. I had a lingering idea about some kind of brain-beast in some kind of future-city sewer, but I lost it.

I will probably attempt this, if anyone is willing to team up let me know!

Oddly, I really dislike this theme, but what the fuck, I’ll enter and you can have another one of my

[sp]snoop rooms[/sp]