The Facepunch "Mapping Ideas" Thread

Thought we could have a little thread for mapping ideas for people who are brain dead with ideas lately, it can also be sorted by game.

Anyone that does one of the ideas, feel free to post about it and upload a picture or two, and I’ll mark off the idea and provide pictures of it.

Garry’s Mod:

Team Fortress 2:
An old Blu factory, which has been taken over by Red. Blu wants it back, and in this Capture Point map, Blu will get it’s vengeance.

A payload map that takes place on an actual train track, which has a train on the second track next to the track with the payload. The team must battle to get the payload to Red’s train station before it’s too late.

**Counter-Strike: Source:
**An urban area, such as New York. The map takes place slightly above ground, but most of it underground, in the Subway system. The team must fight to destroy one of the two subway tunnels.

Meh, ideas aren’t really my area. Only for objectives. I thought I’d give this a shot though, not sure if I should expect a bunch of dumb ratings or late ratings or what, but feel free to post some ideas and I’ll add them to the list.

How about a large neighborhood map for CSS or Gmod? The houses don’t need to have interiors, just a few props to make it look more occupied, like trashcans, parked cars, lamposts, mailboxes, foliage, stuff like that.

The size of the map should probably be half the size of the Hammer grid or less.

I’ll think that the reference picture thread works the best…

Yeah, true Oskutin. I didn’t really think about that. Maybe merging the two of them, though? So people can get ideas and see pictures for ideas?

Oh, and how the hell do you say your name? I could never figure it out.

I’ve noticed the threads asking for inspiration too.
I’m more of a scenes/settings sort of person for ideas. I’ll see what I can do.

  • An abyss/chasm with a small settlement carved into its sides. Might have been done before, but I’ll put it forward anyway. Modern or old-fashioned architecture, up to you.

  • A cave system in a large asteroid. Crashed or in space, again its up to you. Maybe the asteroid was being mined or something.

  • A dried up lake with the remains of a formerly flooded village at the bottom. Probably in a desert region.

Might try and come up with some others, but I can’t think clearly this evening. Hope I helped anyway.

Probably Oh-Sku-Tin.

I’m surprised you haven’t hunted down my dream…

If you can find it, feel free to post it up.

Phoenix’s dream.

With finish accent or pronunciation it’s not a problem.

I like that chasm idea.
Mountainfortress would be cool too.