The Facepunch Mass Effect models W.I.P megathread

then you’ll have to learn patience.

can someone please send me all the mass effect weapon prop character props and so on

why? go find it yourself lazy.

Why of course I can, would you also like a nice vintage wine and turkey dinner too?
perhaps sir would prefer the most expensive champagne in the house?

hahaha theres 55 pages of crap pluss other shit and i cba i just got a new computer and i cba having to do all that shit again

Here’s floatertwo’s version of those mercs, since you people are discussing it apparently no one in that thread who posted underneath me could read, :v:

if not, well, there you go regardless.

Dense, are we?

Would it be considered flaming if I were to say “Fuck you.”


erm sorry ?? o.O

Sorry, I don’t really mean it. I see you’re new here, I’ll try to explain. We’re a very unfriendly place at times. If you want something, you have to do a lot of searching before you go running for help. If you ask for something, and someone tells you to look for it, even if they seem like a jerk, “I’m too lazy blah blah etc etc” is NOT going to be a very popular response.

is anybody doing alliance soldiers?

or just reskins for the old human soldiers?

I am but they’re somewhat on hold at the moment

I’d be willing to write up an updated version of the op with all the mods I know of and send it to hax to post.

I think I’ll get started on the Reaper forces tomorrow morning.

Great to hear.When haxxer finishes he reapers they will come in handy.

omg thank you =D

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yeah u r correct im new

That would be magnificent. Save people the heartache of reading through all 55 pages of this and finding out about all of the cool stuff that never got released too.

that’d be cool.

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reapers are pretty much finished, i’m just waiting for floater-two to finish off some of his spaceships and we’ll probably make a joint release

i don’t have that much time to port nowadays since finals are coming up

I’m slowed down on the spaceships and stuff since the Kodiak is proving difficult.

Should get it done by today, then most of the other stuff is pretty simple.