The Facepunch Model Ports and Hacks Thread V4 - STILL NOT A REQUEST THREAD

You know the drill. Post WIP shots of ports and hacks you probably will never finish.

Content that really WILL never be finished by me most probably: K&L Militia (outdated as fuck)

Wow, onto thread four! Nice work everyone!

Here’s some Wolf Armor I ported from Skyrim and re-rigged:


Turns out, his shirtless version’s going to be a pain in the ass because holy shit the amount of BGs.

Aw I have been deposed.

Hail Taggart.

Here’s a dump of some stuff that I’ll probably maybe release eventually:[/t][t][/t]

That helicopter model would be really useful.

wait, is this you porting it? Because it has already been ported.

It was ported, but Nick is like “yeah, sure, you can port it” considering Armstrong has the original rigging and there’s a few things missing – wound bodygroups and nanomachine bodygroups.

And this is what I mean by nanomachine bodygroups:

White parts are where the alpha is.

I don’t port stuff very often cause I can’t weight shoulders to save my life.

Thank goodness this section isn’t gone

compile as seperate model, then tell people to use the bone merger tool to attach it

Thread needs a nice banner

Doing a bunch of WoT prop ports. Anybody want anything specific? And no, I’m not doing tanks.

You should probably fix the smoothing.

I’ll get to it later.

You should probably get to it straight away considering how bad models look without it.

I’d be surprised if there are many non-tank vehicles in WoT that are worth porting. The only ones I can remember were a few jeeps and trucks around the tutorial level, but those seemed kind of low-poly and not really that great.

Alright. I’ll get to it.

Content dumping as I haven’t posted about this in a while:

On-going PAYDAY 2 ports and hacks:[/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t]

Enemies and heisters all use their original skeletons (although renamed and with an 4th spine bone for SFM purposes with rig_biped_simple).
Also a custom Karl Latner (original PD:TH face model) Dallas, with both PD:TH and his cut PD2 contractor look- before he was replaced by Eric Etebari. Heister bodies are still a big WIP, trying to get as much customization on them as possible.
I just need to finish the shields and the snipers, then I’m gonna be releasing a pack for SFM with all the special units (and Gmod, once I figure out how to properly set constraints on phys models).
More to come later…

Perhaps some of the trains, maybe?

Hmw flexes as well? That would be a godsend.