The Facepunch Model Ports and Hacks Thread V5 - NEVER GONNA BE A REQUEST THREAD

Here you post your wip ports and hacks that you’re never gonna release

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and heres some shit by me thats never gonna be finished more than likely:

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I got the last post in the old one so I’ll claim the first post in the new one, too.

Here’s some stuff that will probably be released within the near future.[/t][t][/t]

I was actually working on lost planet 2 characters at one point, but they got buried beneath all the other shit I want to do. Still planning on doing them eventually, although I cannot bring them to valve biped.

Where are the soldiers from?

They’re Delta Force from MW3.

Oh wow, I missed that now it’s possible to extract stuff from L.P 2

It has been possible for a while. I tried to extract levels about this time last year:

Zaramot worked on the script, but it is not yet perfect. Textures must be assigned manually, and worst of all, some meshes come out broken.

I don’t think I’ll put these up for workshop since the models are only view models with bits of the mesh missing on one of the AK’s, but I still want to put it up. And since my porting mood has severly died down, I’ma just go ahead and upload this up for yall’ to play around with. Don’t reupload it to workshop without my permission please.

Download Link:!PQF0yKSa!l95YO_MNthhZsuyFoWaAx1sRx4m18F71LgwEdqQ-19w

These include:
M249 SAW

All these weapons have their own bodygroups with the exception of the M4A1 including Attachment Bodygroups.

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something wrong
working on as-val/ vss

Good thing it’s not on Workshop then, lol

I updated my first post with some stuff.

And here’s something else:[/t]

I’d put this into the “kind of shit” group of weapons I had to freshen up, but it’s actually not that bad.

Great that you kept the original green color, but I do not think the enfield xl64 had troy battlesights :v:

Can you please not quote the whole post when it’s right above yours? It’s making my browser much slower.

The original XL64 didn’t have any sights besides the Susat. And the black furniture version is the only one that existed IRL, the green just makes it look a little closer to the SA80.

And please, stop quoting the post if it’s directly above yours. It means people have to scroll past the same set of images twice in a row.

It’s force of habit mate, hard to shake off.
Colored furniture just looks better than black imo.

It’s a good habit to kick, then

Found out that Black Ops has an old Plumett AL-54 grappling hook.

More progress with Fall of Cybertron along with an announcement.

A Steam buddy and I are working on these models. I work on normal maps and sequence animations while he works on the colors on the other end. One idea he had was to make some of the playable characters like Starscream look a bit like their G1 selves.

Here is the result of that idea. It ain’t perfect, but its all an experiment so far. No one else atm is planned to get G1-ified.

In comparison to:

Still no word on Transformers: Devastation yet.

Just out of curiousity has anyone managed to get their hands on any of the Subnautica models (mainly the creature models)? Not a request, just wondering.

Thanks to psi, we now have skinggroups for Starscream to mimic the color scheme that of Skywarp and Thundercracker. No gif this time because…I dunno. These could mix will with their Devastation counterparts. This goes to Starscream’s vehicle as well. To put things into perspective; we now have the entire Seeker squadron built into one model.[/t]

Teleportation not included.