The Facepunch Models and Hacks Thread V6 NOT A REQUEST THREAD

It’s back, a maybe faithful recreation to the original, nonetheless, post WIP images of things you’re working on and things you’ll probably never finish


Thread anthem: The Boys Are Back In Town - YouTube

welcome back lads

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It’s time lads, the thread anthem has been chosen, now it’s time for the real work

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It’s only fair to actually add something to this thread.
I’m currently working on an m4 Sherman pack, I have a finished m4a4 firefly with skins and everything and I’m currently working on getting my mashed up m4a3 rigged, then the m4a4 and Sherman 2 (or 3 idk the difference) models from war thunder. Screenshot (733)

Awesome, I wonder, are you planning on the pacific one? (The one with the launchers ontop)

Hello, do any of you accept requests? :slight_smile:
I have some Miku Miku Dance models that I would like to be ported as a playermodel and npc if you will


Sorry, I hoped it would’ve been different this time.

It’s fine, but uhh, you could ask one of the guys that ported miku miku models since I’ve been seeing quite a lot on the workshop

Oh wait, I know the name, Sherman Calliope

Maybe, i don’t know texturing at all so it would be a pain but if i can ill do some bonemerge pacific stuff

Someone already ported a calliope , sadly its private for now so ill have to ask around for the model but i can i will.

Oh damn, well don’t bother then, the sherman is looking quite fancy for now

Got the launcher added, will need some work to make posable but I got it, plus a 76mm turret and the wooden side armor.

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Yooo, awesome