The Facepunch Models Ports and Hacks Wip Thread v3 NOT A REQUEST THREAD

Bigger texture size is not always better.

The cloth normals need to be resized as well; and either the bigger texture or the cloth normals are blurry and make it look weird

I’ve been working on a new head, I’m worried it might be a bit more of a project then I had intended it to be.

Where I’m at:[/t]

Where I started (middle model):

I’m using mostly Lara Croft’s skin texture since I had it on hand and the unwrap was very similar, but I’ve pretty much had to backtrack to the point where that turned out to be a less then optimal choice.

At this point, the mesh is pretty much done so I can start doing flexes.

They look fine to me. Then again, GMod isn’t always good for rendering models. I’ll go into SFM and see how it is.

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Maybe you’re right. I need expert help on porting textures, modelling, and shaders since I’m making this addon blind-folded.

I’m just sad that Ddok never released his SEALS and Delta guys. . . They really looked cool.

Umm, he did?

Actually, he means Specopsy guys on BF3 USMC base. :smile:

Her skin pores are like 3 inches in diameter.

Wait, I’ve figured out why the textures are blurred. I compiled in the AO maps in the textures as well. That is why it looks blurred.

Yep, those are the ones. He said he was going to release them after Nub released the base models. Sadly, this wasn’t the case.

bump maps

i’m a terrible person and i’m not doing this again

Took off the AO maps and put the opacity up a bit for the cloth details:

How is it now?

Turns out that the Blender import script supports weighting, so I tacked those onto the valve skeleton.

Still looks pretty bad, but it’s a massive improvement over what I had earlier. Huge thanks to NinjaNub for helping me with the skeleton.

cant find anything bad

best sleeping dingles.

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but yea rigging could use some work and its perfect.

Hmm, you’re right. The arms are extremely iffy. I think I assigned the vertex groups to the wrong bone.

But then again, this particular model is somewhat of an exception. The others should turn out fine.

you might want to move the pelvis, it looks a bit off, location wise

Hmm, move how? Up/down/left/right?

Frankly it seems fine to me, but I’m in no position to assess quality.

the joint is moving exactly where the pelvis bone in a real person would be

This. Essentially those pants are pretty baggy, and the in pants like that, you’re going to have a lot of room between your hips and the bottom of the crotch on the pants. The pelvis would probably be just a little bit below where the hem on those pants would be.

Alright, I moved it up a bit. You’re right, it looks better now.

But then again, that model is a bit abnormal. This dude should be more proper.

Also, I just noticed:

Gross. Aside from that, this one is pretty good.

Anyhow, I’ll stop clogging the thread now. Once I finish the rest I’ll post them in the main SD thread.