The Facepunch "Other Engines" Pimpage thread

Hey all, basically i have been using yap n blabber to post my unity work, but as it is now dead, and the other non engine thread was specific to UDK, i decided to make this one. Feel free to post your unity, udk, or other engines, be they custom or whatever. I know people on here have been working on other stuff, so it would be cool to show it off.

My only request is that we keep it civil, the posts along the lines of the map pimpage thread. I do not want this turning into a yap n blabber.

So, i shall start things off with my new sign, and see what gems other people have been working on.

You might apply smoothing groups to the legs. Currently it looks way to sharp, especially if its covered in ice, the icey layer would diffuse the light slightly making it more rounded.

I think it’s time to get into the whole Unity scene me thinks.

if you’re going to smooth it out then put more sides in it as well

Thanks for making this! Will post screenshots when I get to a unity able computer with all my models on em.

CryEngine 3:
First time messing with the CryEngine, never used another engine before.[/t]

Being stubborn I didnt want to have to learn how to model buildings and other models to use with the engine, Im used to using brushes to make buildings. So I went ahead and made a modular window and wall in Hammer then exported it to sketchup, and from there to CE3.

And when I got a hang of the workflow for it, I made a texture and another wall in Hammer and exported to Sketchup and back to CE3

That is pretty awesome shirky. I have wanted to get into cryengine 3, is there any tutorials available that I could use that use the same method as above?

Level im working on for killing floor: It basicly came from me wanting to improve on my terrain/rock modeling skills and to make a rocket model.[/t]

cave entrence


Spawn (inside of cave)


I also made a modular set of tunnel tubes


another mountain


There wasnt any tutorials for it sorry, since its not really a practical way of doing things.

But what you can do is use SketchUp as a converting tool. There are plugins that allow you to import and export .vmfs, and another that lets you export stuff to the file that CE3 uses for models. All you need to do is learn how to import things into CE3 and you should be set. Oh yeah, and the scale for source to CE3 is the same.

it’s a shame you can’t make proxy models in Cry3 usung BSP or some other geometry type. in UDK you can make a quick block out of all the assets using BSP then export that to .fbx or .obj quickly

I don’t have much except for this little piece inspired from Overgrowth.

Built in Unity.

It was fully playable, takes about five minutes to cross from one side of the map to the other
first full-scale thing I’ve made and I was goddamn surprised on how quick it took me to make.

Got too used to Source SDK and it’s outdated software I guess.

I’ve continued on this a tad but the only major changes are fixing the lighting/fog and removing the boat that wasn’t that great. Plus with the name I gave it (Shipwreck Cove) (totally original do not stel pls) it didn’t really seem fitting.

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It might look nice if you put rocks along the taller docks where it meets the water, so it’s not so empty, maybe.

add sum dynamic lights on the inside since outside lighting is kind of null at this point.


I tried giving it lighting based on the current time but it ended up looking really bad during the day.

I’ve been wanting to get into mapping with UnrealEd for game like Postal 2 and S.W.A.T. 4, but I absolutely hate the way you’re supposed to create brushes.

one thing you can do to make it less “painful” is create one cube and duplicate it everything you need and tweak the size with the vertices tool or w/e it’s called

You aren’t supposed to use brushes. If you want to use the unreal editor, you really have to learn how to model.

Does anyone here is an expert with UDK? I am looking for someone to help me make the map textures from RO2 to gmod by using photoshop, like remaking the material in photoshop… I tried understanding it but it’s all chinesse. It use a mask with some other settings but I don’t get how. I would be really cool if someone could help me because I’m in the process of remaking Spartanovka for gmod using the map props from RO2. I am not sure if it’s the right place to ask, if not please tell me where and I will snip this post.

I tried for 1 week to merge a plaster texture with a brick texture to achieve the damaged look on the Town Church but I failed.