The Facepunch® Personal Skins™ Thread V.36 - FRIENDS FOREVER

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-Post personal skin content
-Don’t go off topic
-Don’t start drama
-Don’t be an asshole.

If you would like your skin added, PM the OP.

Misc. Links (Mileage may vary)

Shadow Toggle Tool
Ignore tool - When used, makes models ignored by the physgun
Ellis :P’s facepunch office map

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its happening

I knew it. Suck it, Korro.

[sp]just kidding mate, love you[/sp]

New thread smell, blah blah blah, let’s get off topic.

Looks like it’s gonna be a pretty bizarre adventure

This should get interesting…

literally just a copy paste of my thread.

11/10 it’s okay.

are u srs


it’s k tho :v:

Personal Skins Thread V.36 - More Video Filters Edition

~under construction~
i’m gonna be working on it and revamping it over the week

Update my skin link, god damn!


beast of america

A+ OP I approve

Just checked and my link is out of date as well. New link here:

Also done.

But keep these to PMs, that way we don’t clog the thread with “update this” and me going “done”

Chillin at the hot tub

That tub looks

( •


Why are you sitting in a vat of molten cheese and sausages?
Or are you just ‘into’ that kinda thing?
[sp]j/k, seriously though, good progress on your catgirl.[/sp]

It would have made me feel better to see an additional version of this with your perskin Alekos.


I’m Illuminati now?

ok then