The Facepunch Times #2 June 2010

This is my firs REAL issue. I’ve done MAJOR improvements to the first one. Now its ten pages instead of six, has more scoops, more illustrations, better format, some more BC facts and jokes, and SPIDERMAN PICTURES!.

Be sure to PM me of ANYTHING you’d like to see in the next issue. The whole point is to have something for everybody.

(Also it will work for ANY version of word.)

I don’t even have word lol

i reformatted and all of my microsoft apps broke :frowning:

I don’t have Word either.

Another Obama hater. Nice. Some people just can’t see the truth.

Nice writing though.

I haf some news for you:

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nice 1

what the fuck is this shit

it aint a comic

and it aint a picture

what is it doing here

It’s basically a comic. Or close enough.