The Facepunch UDK 'Map Pimpage/WIP' Thread V1

Well since a few people have been mapping for UDK and posting in the Garrysmod WIP thread i decided to make a thread since Firegod522 suggested it. Surfur you can make the next thread
dude, I promise :v:!



[li] Discussion of WIPs is allowed, and encouraged.[/li][li] Don’t go off-topic.[/li][li] IF YOU’RE USING A 1920X1080 + RESOLUTION USE [IMG_THUMB] SO YOU DONT BREAK EVERYONES COMPUTER, or remove the[/li]
tags and keep links.

[li] Please refrain from using very large PNG images, some sites automatically resize/convert them.[/li][li]YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED:[/li][/ul][/release]

Anyways for use guys who don’t know what UDK is:

Some things that can be accomplished in UDK:


I might try UDK next year.

Next year sounds good… :emo:

Great tutorial website for beginning with UDK:

You might need to register, but they are these videos are the “official” UDK videos.

Grrr, I’ve spent a year or so learning to become competent with Source, and then the Uni I want to go to tells me that their games design course won’t let me use it. I should probably try learning Unreal, which we will be using, but Hammer’s just so easy.

I feel like using UDK at some time, maybe when I can be bothered.

Why do you insist on making all the threads hawx?:v: I smell a thread fetish… :q:

This is the GMOD section

But I guess we could add this in too.

I suppose i just want to be known around here. :sigh:

At least they won’t be posting their stuff in the other threads anymore

D’awww :3:

Have been trying to learn UDK

Can’t figure out shit

Any really good tutorials floating around?



Yea i’ve been using 3Dbuzz tutorials as well. and here’s a link on the official unreal website with the 3d buzz video tutorials near the bottem under “3d buzz video tutorials”

Their is about 100 or so videos in that section that go over every detail on how to make maps, and i HIGHLY recommend the “Basic Level Tutorials” it’s about 27 videos in all going over from beginning to end on how to make your level from geometry all the way to lighting and basic scripting

I’m pretty well-known and one or two major threads I’ve made are in the GMod discussion area (The “What was the stupidest reason you got banned for?” thingy threads)

But I’m also known for other things :v:


I really, really hate the brush system in UDK. I’m sticking with hammer.

Learn to model. Unreal 3 works better with more model based worlds.

This might be super obvious, and or stupid, but where do I get UDK?

Google or booble? :v: