The Facepunch "Yap and Blabber" Chat Thread

Not that I’m the best candidate to start a thread, but I thought this was a pretty good idea since we totally managed to derail a thread with what music people listen to, and I thought it’d be neat if people could converse about their mapping habits, inspirations, and what not in here.

Everyone happy with this? I’ll edit the first post with this if everyone’s okay with it:

Things this thread is not:

  1. This is not a thread for mapping questions, or at least questions along the lines of, “How do I get blah to do blah?” That thread would be in this section at the Mapping Question Megathread v3.
  2. This is not a thread to show off your work in progress maps. Feel free to check out The Facepunch “Mapping Pimpage/WIP” Thread.
  3. This is not a place for you to go full-retard with your posts. This is also not an absolute off-topic thread.
  4. This is not.

Things this thread is:

  1. This thread is the place to discuss all of your habits, influences, and appreciations regarding mapping.
  2. This thread is the place to discuss things like what you listen to while you map and things of that nature.
  3. This thread is for everything that can’t fit in the Map Pimpage or Mapping Question thread but is something worth posting.
  4. This thread is basically loosely wrapped around mapping and gaming. If your post would fit better in here then you probably should move to that thread for your post.

So, here we go.


TCB set up an IRC channel.




Mibbit link (lets you connect through your browser):


Also we have this section.

So I won 40 dollars at a casino today…

Is this the type of stuff we discuss here?

Oh haha nevermind, well in that case, let me just start this thread by saying that hammer is just a great tool, easy to use but complicated as well!

Yeah, but this thread serves as it’s own kind of thread geared specifically towards mappers while still being too off-topic for things like the Map Pimpage thread and the Mapping Question thread. Examples of topics: What you listen to when you map, appreciation/discussion of other maps and the Source Engine, inspiration for maps… things of that nature. It’s not terribly off topic for the other threads, but I think it’d be neat to separate that and keep it in it’s own thread.

If it doesn’t work, oh well.

Any mumble, teamspeak, or ventrilo circles I’m not aware of?

I really wish there was a Facepunch IRC channel. I’m more of a type-it-out kind of person since I’m in the living room but I’m also down for Ventrilo.

I have a TS3 up (512 slots) with a few LoL brazilians players, I could setup a few channels for Facepunch mappers (server located in Germany).

but yeah, awesome Pandora is awesome for music.

And that’s why I’ve become more used to leaving Hammer open more and more as I go along and devote entire nights to my maps. :stuck_out_tongue:

Time is measured in milliseconds :v:

Continuing the convo from the Dev contest, what’s your favorite type of music to map to? Mines Folk and ambient, like the bands Fleet Foxes or Local Natives.

I love to listen to Solar Field’s music, he made the music for Mirror’s Edge and also ‘Movements’. Over an hour of awesome ambience.

Punk, Streetlight Manifesto(punk + ska), sometimes I listen to my cat meowing at me, classic rock, that’s bout it

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I had this really cool idea for a map, like it was a swamp filled with cabins and shit, also with caves, and then one of my many cats got hit by a car and I had to bury him. Wish I had more time in a day to map.
How often do you guys map?

I find that listening to fitting music helps me brainstorm. I am currently working on a modern house and listening to slow jazz.
Otherwise my music preference is really just whatever I feel like listening to at the time.

I hardly ever do anything else when I am working on a project. But then I will run into a bug and give up and play Skyrim or something for a month or two.

The chat thread is for a larger audience, such as Americans or Frenchies or Australians. This is just for us mappers to discuss things related to mapping that does not have to do with the technicalities of it such as questions or texturing.

On-Topic: Anyone find that classical music helps with mapping?

It does. It calms me down and gets me in the mood. The problem is I feel I have to make something fancy when listening to it

Like a cathedral!

I enjoy listening to classical music, but then I feel the need to put on my robe and sip some fancy tea (and I don’t even like tea.)

What? You’re crazy. Tea is great.

Add me on steam. Anyone else who maps, add me as well!

Green tea is great, but not fancy. You need that premium shit.