The Facepunch "Yap and Blabber" Chat Thread

Barry’s Tea!

I’m the kind of person who can map really well one day, then totally loose motivation totally. Though, I guess it’s because I prefer to map more dirty, city-like things.

check Hol Baumann on Pandora, or Burdy Nam Nam pretty sweet music when mapping/modeling

I usually map very late, around 11pm-2am.

This is usually the case for me as well, I can work on Jorpakko for like 2 days and then completely loose it. Though Jorpakko is incredibly easy to add to, so It’s not like I’ve completely lost my motivation.

It kind of depends on how long I spent on it the day before. Usually I can map for about 4 hours with snacks and drinks. 1 without. I get distracted easily and the drinks help me. Especially orange soda

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I get distracted a lot by silly unimportant things (such as essays that are to be submitted in 3 hours that have not been started), but I still manage to stay on task most of the time.

I get distracted by links random friends send me

Anyone else enjoy listening to trance or slow electronic music? Really puts me in the zone.

Fixed it.

I usually load my grooveshark with ambient tracks, here’s a couple of my favourites when mapping.


I generally just listen to Pink Floyd. That and the Hl2 soundtrack.

Man, takes me back MONTHS to when I started making my Mirror’s Edge inspired map (still going!). The entire few weeks of me mapping it consisted of me going to and playing Solar Fields radio while I mapped for hours on end. It always seems to give me some inspiration to make something else in my map, and further progress it (and hope that Mirror’s Edge 2 will FINALLY have some news). Ambient music is simply amazing.

And the Mirror’s Edge Soundtrack isn’t a soundtrack, it’s a work of art, just like the rest of the game.

Funky music always gets me in the mood to make some maps.

I love funky music! Ellie Goulding sort of has funky music. You might like her.

What I’m looking to figure out is how exactly HDR is supposed to look. I have certain sections of my map where I catch myself thinking, “Well, uh, I think that’s enough.” Certain parts are obviously blaring and I’m fixing that, but I don’t know when enough is enough.

So, right now I’m looking at HDR photos and other mapping pictures. Hm.

Tell us what you find!

I find this picture to be very awesome, that’s what.

I think the thing that weirds me out with Half Life 2’s HDR is it provides kind of a dreamy blur.

CS GO looks incredible and i need it

I often do nothing for weeks at a time and then spend like 8 hours straight mapping on a weekend

this is probably a bad habit

Anyone else like old-style hip hop?

funny thing is this guy’s white as fuck

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