The Faces Of Evil

Some evil nazis laughing at an american soldier Trying to fight back.

Low-Res Ground and mega random bathtub.

This picture made me lol for a number of reasons:

1. Random bathtub.
2. Comically huge Germans with tiny necks and giant shoulders.
3. The old man.
4. The title.
5. The description.

Seriously I think this is quite an insult to the German military under Hitler; it is painfully stereotyping.

Other points of note for the picture:

The low-res ground is quite noticeable.
The blood is too bright and flat.
US soldiers didn’t wear camouflage in Europe.
The German on the left has really blocky arms.

that’s a sexy bathtub

the old guy is all :geno:

The american is kinda happy because he is thinking of his wife who died and he thinks that he will join here in heaven soon and yes the picture is comical.


I know I couldn’t hold my boner while posing those sexy models.

Blood needs to be darker and more than one shade of red.
Doesn’t seem very evil…

The bright blood is the first thing I noticed.

Anyways, that’s one aweosme bathtub.

I love how the old guy is smiling.

the bathtub is distracting
and picture is too bland

I thought only Marines in the pacific wore “duck hunter camo”, of course my source is Wikipedia so I could be wrong.

Was expecting that shitty game, thank god it wasn’t.

I thought the same

“You must defeat each!”
“I guess I’d better get going!”

“Gee, it sure is boring around here.”