The failed deal (mini sketch)

That’s all…
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lol did nick charge him or something?

wow. I like Nick’s reskin :slight_smile:

Whats with the 8th and 10th panel


Bad reading?, For what exactly?

What? I didn’t rate you D:

do mine eyes decieveth me? is that a baby eagle?

where did you find it?



:wtc: Fuck whats up with the face of Makarov’s friend Are his bump maps that ugly?

The second pic is amazing, I love the lights on the right guy.

Picture 6, Markarov’s feet are floating


No I’m wondering why someone did, I know you wouldn’t do that :slight_smile:

It’s as ugly as nuclear war…


Sorry, i forgot about it, i posed it as quick as i can…


I know where they got the suitcase
its one of my old poses


Another, In 10th panel male 07 in background has no finger posing D:


Hahahaha, I don’t know why but this picture makes me lol so much:

I think the guy that looks like he dipped his face in oil is Imran Zakhaev’s son. Other than the fucked up oil face, the pictures look great.

Michael Bay light effects in the last panel :v:

I like it.

Wow, those guys that got shot must be really blind or stupid if they just let Nick walk up to them and shoot them from point blank.
Also, if the bumpmaps on that tracksuit guy are so ugly, why didn’t you just remove them? “Oh, the bumpmaps make this guy’s face look ugly, but I’m not gonna do anything about that and just keep it like that”.

10th pannel is so fucking funny.
Nice job Madcopter.

Great job on editing :smiley: but awfull poses in a few pictures. And suitcase clipping :smiley:

Other then that, really good job. Have some wood