The Failed Interrogation

You Didn’t See This Coming.

Happy Halloween!

Shit It’s Nice

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Just Make the Mouth Move Next time

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Song name? For the Metal Part? I think the band is For the fallen Dreams but whats the song?

I was waiting for linkin park to start playing, but a metal band playing instead still caught me on surprise.

My favorite part was the purple textures probably from you alt tabbing before filming.

I liked it though, gave me a good shake.

I didn’t put much effort into this video only took me 3-4 hours. =]

Song: The Pain Loss

your critique on video scout?

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purple textures because of the map i used wasn’t hdr rendered properly. not because I alt-tabbed out. :L

I wasn’t expecting that XD

but overall nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, Sir. I enjoyed the crazy outburst.