The failure of Rust

I like this game, it looks good and plays very well, but the fatal flaw is they amount of wankers playing it, there seems very much to be an element of ‘deathmatch’ about it, like the CoD boys are playing and no one is allowed to live or be given a chance to start, look, find their way around, chop a piece of wood, bash a stone or even collect some animal turd.

They find it fun in making others miserable by killing you, the man who poses no threat at all when there’s 5+ of them armed to the teeth with kevlar and auto rifles Vs you and your rock, I know the game is survival but there seems that if your not very established and rather new your very much DEAD!

Although this game has so much potential i think it could be burned out by the time of release (for myself anyway) because of the idiots who desire so much to be ‘King of the hill’ and have no concept of fair play or giving others a chance.

Shame :frowning:


What you say has all been said before, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping people getting themselves established on busy servers. Go to a quiet server, and learn the map and a few basic skills.

I do agree, to some extent, about there being a risk of the player base being essentially done with the game before the game is even finished. However, I think the dev team is smart enough to understand this, and knows that by regularly releasing content they will keep us with them. Other games (e.g. Warframe) have managed this quite well.

Stuff 30 rats in a small cage and throw in a small amount of food after starving them for a week and see what happens.

There are over 2000 servers, find a new one. There are servers with rules of engagement and all that stuff, i guarantee that if you join one of these you wont regret it. A friend and myself joined a server that PvP its only allowed when raiding, works great so far.


You sir haven’t been playing long enough to know how to start up on your own on these active servers. THAT and if your really NEW to the game you need to look for servers that have done a fresh wipe. Start on a server that has wiped the same day you started playing. This way less people are well established and you start on the same playing field as them. Fresh Wipe Servers are always good to find and start from scratch… Dont’ go onto a server that hasn’t wipped for 5+ days and expect to be able to go around without getting killed. people are already 5 days+ ahead of you and of course your going to die.

1.Play on a newly wiped server.

2.Play on a non-PvP server.

3.Play with an experienced group.

Pick one or more of these to solve your problem.

Bro, it’s alpha. Take it easy. The devs have already acknowledged that offense v. defense is currently unfairly tilted in favor of offense. Basically, if you have a determined enough aggressor, it’s impossible to stop them from accomplishing their goals.

I’m confident the devs will come up with ways to balance this out some. There are actually already some mods out there that can help. Server admins can adjust loot tables, making explosives and such more rare. Even more interesting, IMO, is the economy mods out there. Careful use of these economy mods can give players the ability to quickly get back on their feet after being raided. Disabling Sleepers can also help mitigate the risk and damage of being raided while offline. Etc.

TLDR, there are already measures available to help alleviate this problem some, and I trust that things will only improve as the devs continue developing things.

sigh I know how you feel.
There are times i want to crush my keyboard because of this kind of shi+.
But its still alpha - so there is only a small part of the map where you can get res and good guns are to easy to get. And you come really fast to the point where the only fun thing left in the game is running around and killing people.

I’ve stopped playing rust and wait for the next big patch.

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Sounds like we’ve met ingame. :yarr:

All the toxicity in the community has done wonders for discovering glitches/exploits along with determining which direction to go in terms of development. The game is like 5% complete and so much has already been discovered in a game that is relatively empty due to all the chaos.

The game needs a tutorial, hopefully someday. It could even just be a list of things for new players. One of those things should be to go and play on a server with 20-30 players at start, or a no PVP server. I made the mistake of wanting to be on very active servers when I started, and you’ll fail miserably most of the time as a result.

wankers… i love that word. It should be the new term for hackers/cheaters.

and to the OP… as others have said… its Alpha. the game will change immensely before its done.

Honestly think these rants are premature, this game is only 10% done. Not nearly the full version of the game. When you bought the alpha your supporting the developers earlier by funding the game development with the money you paid for alpha early access. Please wait till open beta / pre-release to rant.

Play on a sever with low population (max20) until you learn the game. It’s tricky when travelling great distances and looking for resources and crates to then go all in pvp, like we would with Counter Strike, Battlefield, etc… Naaaaamsayyin?!

Once you graduate to understanding the game (map, items, resources, road, pvp), then go to a busier server. At that point you gotta stay in ‘pvp mode’ all the time, expect that you may die, don’t bring too much shit with you while out a about, and live remotely if you are playing solo.

Coast Mtn. and Portugal Mtn. have low traffic in general.

It’s super funny how in every single one of these “survival FPS” games people say people who kill on sight/weaker players are CoD kids like that makes you better than them or something

Reaching endgame gear and having nothing else to do will eventually lead to people killing others because they’re bored, guy. it’s not because they’re “CoD boys”

The only failure on Rust is you. It’s an alpha game that was recently released and did not expect such a high player base. There are plenty of servers so find another one and stop complaining.

It really isn’t that hard to start out, but it can be frustrating at times. Good solutions to ease your frustrations have been noted in this thread.

Rust is one of the 5th Steam failure.

I haven’t played a lot yet but I guess I am lucky because I found a nice friendly small server and have had a blast. I haven’t been pk’ed a single time, and not long after hitting the server a friendly guy gave me a bunch of gear. I think there are plenty of servers out there. You might just have to do some server shopping until you find a nice one. Personally I looked for one without a lot of players so I could at least learn the game in peace before taking on a server with a larger population.