The Fairy Gman - Part 1 (HD)

For Part 2 go here:

UPDATE: My youtube account was recently hacked and whoever did it deleted all my vids. but good thing i had them all backed up. I updated the link above to account for it.

I loved it, I really did, I god damn hope you are going to carry on with these.

That was very well done. Please make more!

Nicely made video

not bad not bad

I loved it!

That was really well done.
i loved it!

The beginning made me think it was going to be terrible, but it turned out pretty good. Great use of ragdoll puppetry, and great music (speaking of that, where did you get it? What is it from?).

Also, the wink made me chuckle.

That was actually rather entertaining.

I enjoyed watching that, very relaxing.

good and as it already was said…relaxing :slight_smile:

It was…beautifull.

I had no idea what was going on. But it was nice!

I never knew a video could be so good even if it wasn’t real people. Nice camera work too!

thanks for the feedback guys (and gals, dont want to be sexist here)

Very nice job, Made it seem realistic.

You have yourself a unique selling point for this kind of video.

Exploit the hell out of it!

(aka make more)

Wow, nice ragdoll movie. If you and FancyPantz were to work together on one, then that may spawn something pretty awesome, seeing as you share a similar movie style.

Awesome. :smiley:

I agree, you and FancyPantz have the same style.

That was simple yet so nice to watch. Good job.