The Fairy Gman - Part 2 (HD)

Be sure to watch in full 1280x720 resolution by going to the link!

Here is Part 1:

Really enjoyed it. Anyways what was that Medieval map you used? Might and Magic or what?

Wow that was actually good…

I really enyoed i very good

sry for my spealing :smiley:

Can’t wait for further installments.

Again, This is Beautiful

I don’t get it but I sure know I like it.

That train bit was great!
How the fuck did you do that?

I was baffled at the fact when it did the side view of the train going into the wall, it was hilarious.

it’s from Pirates Vikings Knights II

thanks for the feedback guys

As the same as part 1, this is incredibly awesome!

dude make more pls

Looking forward to part3, Would really like to dl this vid.

Nice video! Looking forward for the next one.

part 3 will be in a few days!

I really liked that.

Good work!

Probably stop motion (for the train), and the other half of the level (when it showed the train going through the wall but nothing on the other side) was probably an image pasted on the stopmotion animation.

you’re half right, haha

Really nice video, 10/10

UPDATE: My youtube account was recently hacked and whoever did it deleted all my vids. but good thing i had them all backed up. I updated the link in the OP for the re-uploaded vid.