The Fairy Gman - Part 3

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That is awesome!

It’s getting serious. Loving it!

That’s awesome!

Is he like a rapist or something?

Damn, this show is bloody brilliant. Keep on bringing the episodes.

That was entertaining man. :smiley:

Awesome Video :smiley: !


This is starting to get intense, nice.

haha this is epic!

That was really good. Can’t wait for further installments.

gman does giveoff some sort of rapist vibe

should i change the script??

just kidding.

No, you should change the script.

The next part needs more epicness and more rape.

Gotta love dm_avalon.

I hope you have some sort of motive for the gman, it’s getting exciting. And not having one would be anticlimatic.
Why would he need to bring the people to his castle only to throw them out? Why does he statueify the woman? Questions, questions… I look forward to their answer.

Epic. Look forward to the 4th part.

Wow that was really awesome!

Very well done mate! What’s the castle map called?

I didn’t realise until now that you used Leona off MaM. Also gman looks skitsifrenic

it’s a map from pirates vikings knights 2