The falcon Gang Productions Require help!

The Falcon Gank Productions is a group dedicated to movie making in garry’s mod
we are also known as FGP are recruiting, Skilled mappers, Skilled faceposers, Voice actors.

We currently have 15 people with talent.

Lets get through the menu!

-Mappers: Hey mappers, You need to be able to make maps that we are going to use on our upcomming movies. You must be open minded and also have a bit of fantasy in order to make something nice out - Please no amateurs

-Faceposers: Hey you might think ‘‘Huh? Faceposing… Everyone can do that right?’’ Well, I am talking about Source SDK Face posing, Those who know how the whole program works are able to join - And again no amateurs

-Voice actors: Please check my other tread regarding our Drama/Action movie. We need voice actors there drasticly!

Any other talent that think is usefull is always welcome!
We most likely only invite 15+ we like to keep it mature.

Also if we are planned to make something we are gouing to do it, And fast.

We have a incredible movie script writer with enormous fantasy - She knows what she’s douing and no she wont be replaced. (Yes our writer is 18 year old woman)

Once again are you up for high quality movie making? Are you tired of making movies with a bunch of amateurs using movie maker? Do you want to make some friends? Well than this is for you, We still like to keep our group small with a max of 40 people.

We currently are incredibly busy making our Machinima ‘My dark days’ and we do require some assistance.

Please mail an application to

We would like to know your: Age, Country, Garry’s mod experience, For what specific job you mail

I check my mail everyday so I will respond fast.

Thank you for reading

F.G.P Productions.

you have any experience with garrys mod movie making? By the group or your self.

Yes, I do have experience with movie making.
In garry’s mod no. But I do have the experience 6 months flying through my head how it looks like.
We have ONE incredible voice actors… We have a really good Writer and they have me, For the video editting

and we are in a little crysis… We need more crew for the movie. Especially some
1-2 more voice-actors males, And one Voice-actor female and the female has to probally say one sentence…

Amateur means someone who does something for free. Good luck finding professional faceposers on Facepunch.

There must be something around… I think I should’t have have picked the word professional, but good.