The Fall of Aeurobia


zoom blur:



Very excellent musical choice, and beautiful scenes!

I love mass poses and the Resistance Hybrids are badass as fuck.

Fantastic work man. Love the atmosphere of the bonus.

Interesting idea, but you’ve done way better in the past.

The red hue on top of everything makes the whole scene look flat. Even with the red coloring, you could have added a very slight fog to help with that sense of depth.

Those rose petals from Max Payne also are scaled horribly (not your fault, unless you made them). The blood and muzzle flash effects aren’t all that impressive either.

Not gonna lie though, I’m super happy that your doing something other then guys standing around with guns.

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All C&C aside, I’m gonna try out my own edit if you don’t have a problem with that. I think there’s allot of potential in post here.

This makes me want to finally attempt a picture that actually has gunfire in it. The fear of muzzle flashes has deterred me for too long.

Also: great job.

I’m getting a Serious Sam vibe out of this.


Nice Work Yo!

go for it

also regarding it being kinda flat, i’ve been out of the game for a while so i had to get back into it somehow
guessed this was a good way to do it :v:

Good work man!