The Fall Of Boba Fett

My hand at posing and Photoshop

i shed tears

The blur is a bit, well, much, and doesn’t seem to signify falling all too well. It makes him stick out of the rest of the image like a sore thumb, but his posing is alright. The rest of the image is very bland and the lighting is uninspired and makes the piece look very dull, dark, empty though.

True man, it was more the excitement of doing my first edit then thinking it looked great, the i realized a monkey could do it and that it’s not looking great at all! I guess it was just to see what people thought.

Misread that as “Shat tears”

^Only you, Ryu.

i misread it as elf tits

I like how your username is Han Solo, and you posed Boba Fett falling to his doom.

Now why is it hardcore, awesome chracters in the Star Wars films get taken out like little bitches? Also as others have said, defo needs improvement. If I remember correctly didn’t Boba hit Jabba’s sail barge then like fall/roll into the Almighty Sarlacc?

Fuck I made a similar picture except it showed him almost in the Sarlac Pit.
Not sure if I posted it yet.

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He didn’t die, luckily.


Well, I was expecting something… More dramatic.

Only in the Extended Universe he survived, as far as the movies and George “I’ve got more money then you” Lucas, he didn’t.

Where’d you read up on that?