The Fall of Man

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Lets get DRAMATIC!

Or theatrical, I’m good with theatrical…

My god 2 comics in a week, just like the good old days when no one knew who I was and noone read my comics…

Good Times!

Well in anycase…


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This was really great. i loled so you can have a funny.

Hah, that’s clever.

I gotta admitt, I lol’d

Loved the ending

Didn’t expect that. Good work.

That was left of center and no mistake.

Good comic all the same.

Keep at it.

I did’t expet the ending… Nice comic! :smiley:


Got a good laugh. Well done.


Curses I thought I was still current and interesting.

Didn’t see it coming, my hat goes off to you sir.

literally lol

Ahaha, wheelchair.