The fall of Mingecarus

The fire on the right wing looks like shit, I know.

You know, I think I built something similar before. There were more thrusters though…

Proof link, please.

Haha, I love it.
The picture could need some more depth though in my opinion.

Cool concept.

Why does this make me think of the Strogg.

Mingebag inacrus? Nice :slight_smile:
Icarus = shame on me

Someone didn’t do basic Greek mythology.

More like someone fails at basic spelling :frowning:

Greek mythology is always awesome, somebody should make a mingedusa.

Poor Mingecarus, flew too close to the unweld tool.

No no, I don’t mean a pose, I mean just fucking around in GMod trying to make shit fly.

Toolguns with statue on them for every snake’s head

Your “minge” themed pics are great.

That is pretty cool.

Incredibly Creative.

As mingecarus escaped from the admin tower, he had the urge to no-clip into the skybox, but he FORGOT TO TURN ON NO-CLIP!

thats awsome poor mingecarus :frowning:

this message will self destruct in 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 BOOM

what the fuck was that post

don’t ever do it again

oh, and interesting idea. fire looks bad, though, and i don’t just mean the right wing.

glad to see the people making the server wars screenshots again. infact i posted a few 2 weeks ago