The Fall

Ok, so I literally made this a while ago using some models and a technique that I picked up off a friend of mine, like it, don’t like it, big whoop, spent a while making it, enjoy:

Comment and Criticise, tell me how I could make stuff like this better, blah-dee-blah, goodnight!

simple dof, oh god, never use it ever again

and i can see the deflated cone of the helmet

Yeah, I didn’t use Simple DOF, used Super, also, deflated cone, only noticed that after posting :S

This is interesting pose,a good idea,but there should have been more thought put into it.

Why the fuck were they up there anyway?

Attacking squirrels.

The squirrels won.


Thanks for the criticism, will try and make a different pose, again, thanks for the advice, will try to put it to use.


kinda like your posting